The Raison d'Etre of CapTalents

Developing personal and collective talents of Candidates, Clients and «CapTeurs de Talents» through recruitment consultancy services and management schemes for executives.


The Capteurs of Talents work according to the philosophy of: «Spotting Talents requires seeing differently».                                        


This ethics is based on «the Square of Talents»:

- Being an Enthusiastic company 

- Being a major player in the development of influential clients and their executives through the notion of Talent (Co-CEO and Board of Directors)


The Business spirit of CapTalents. 

Only the respect of an unfailing ethics enabled us to achieve our goals, to finance our growth and develop our influence on the HR market. 


The responsibility of Capteurs of Talents

CapTalents commits through contracts with its Clients on the respect of confidentiality, transparency and goodwill towards Candidates and Clients.


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