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CapTalents advises companies through individual and team training. This support can be made at several levels: outplacement, governance missions, as well as leadership training scheme.

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The OutPlacement, called "Talents Development Value" at CapTalents, is exclusively reserved for members of Executive Committees. This program develops the core value of the leader and facilitates his repositioning in a new challenge.


CapTalents supports company directors and CEOs in their governance missions. This involves recruiting highly qualified advisory counselors, providing director training, and facilitating impactful board advisory sessions.

Executive Agent

CapTalents enhances the value of high-potential individuals in the job market by providing continuous support throughout their careers. This individual Talent development program promotes their employability and assists them in achieving their professional goals.

Our clients testify

« The CapTalents Outplacement (TDV) program is really different because you’re housed in the office, you have a desk, a computer; and being close to the consultants keeps you in touch with the market. The methods of CapTalents helped me to question myself, gain height and quickly find a new challenge. »

— Testimony of a Director General following an Outplacement Program

« CapTalents has enabled us, thanks to the recruitment of 3 advisors and the structuring of the board meetings, to face the development of our family business of 60M €. We have been able to arbitrate tensions between family administrators, determine operating rules for families and professionalise our vision. »

— Testimonial from a client following the establishment of a board of directors

« Our company was facing a restructuring and a change of the organisation chart. Our HR department participated in several training sessions at CapTalents to determine the best way to talk to our different teams. This training made us stand back, help support the transformation of our company and welded our team.  »

— Testimony of an Head of HR following the formation of her department

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